Compensation Philosophy:
Why It's Important?

Join this 60-minute digital event by WorldatWork to gain fresh perspectives on why and how to establish a strong and well-communicated compensation philosophy. Our panelists will share how you can engage leaders in design approaches that garner their support, align compensation practices with organizational goals, and directly address employees’ requests.

Together, we will explore how to maximize the impact of an effective compensation philosophy and the meaningful, measurable results it will yield.

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Explore How to Maximize the Impact of an Effective Compensation Philosophy

Understand How an Effective Compensation Philosophy:
Reinforces Alignment

Align compensation practices to your organizational strategy, connecting leadership interests with employee engagement and satisfaction.

Strengthens Communication

Convey an organization’s stance on internal equity, external competitiveness, performance incentives, transparency, flexibility, and compliance.

Drives Impact

Measurably influences attraction/retention, employee engagement, performance and productivity, compliance, and company culture/reputation.

Speaker Line-up
Rahul Puri (Event Host)

Director, Business Development
WorldatWork India

Avantika Susan Nigam

Senior Director and Head of HR at Global Business Services, India

Tony Magaro

Vice President of HR
Southwest Research Institute

Daniel Picardo

C&B Leader, India