Global Workforce Dynamics:
Tailoring Total Rewards for Organizational Success

Crafting and steering Total Rewards for a global workforce can be challenging. Total Rewards professionals need to develop a deep understanding of cultural nuances, talent mobility, regional compensation norms and effective strategic communication to harmonize rewards across geographies and create a winning talent strategy for their organizations. WorldatWork India invites you to a 75-minute interactive digital event, where our expert panelists will share their top priorities for rewards in 2024 and expected trends in near future. Our panelists will also delve into the importance of upskilling for Total Rewards Professionals. Join us to discover how a professional designation such as Global Remuneration Professional (GRP®️) can help you confidently navigate the complexities of the global workforce dynamics for your organization’s success.

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Why Should You Attend This Session?

Global Remuneration Professional (GRP®) certified senior Rewards leaders will share insights on the complexities and trends in managing Rewards beyond border, the significance of upskilling, and most importantly, the immense value of achieving a globally recognized professional certification such as WorldatWork’s GRP®.

Career Impact

Benefit from the experiences of our panelists and learn how a professional designation can elevate your skills, credibility, and career trajectory.

Live Evidence

Discover how the GRP® certification has helped professionals achieve remarkable success and unlock global opportunities. 

Get Answers

Engage in an interactive Q&A session with our panelists to address your specific queries and gain valuable insights.

Gain Insights From GRP® -Certified Rewards Leaders 

Who Should Attend This Session?
HR Professionals With 10-15 Years of Experience

who are ready to take the big leap and grow in the dynamic field of Total Rewards, Compensation and Benefits

Rewards, Compensation and Benefits professionals

seeking to upgrade global knowledge and expertise

Leading or Mentoring HR Professionals

who need to develop their Rewards, Compensation & Benefits related skillset and global capability

Meet Our Expert Panelists
Rahul Puri (Event Host)

Director, Business Development
WorldatWork India

Ashwani Dahiya

Former SVP & International Total Rewards Director, Wells Fargo Faculty, WorldatWork

Aakash Mehta, GRP

VP, Global Compensation - Broad Based Compensation Mastercard 

Talat Yasmeen, GRP

Head of Reward Operations JLL, APAC