The New Work Exchange:
Embracing the Future by Putting Employees First

In the wake of a global pandemic and the “Great Resignation,” companies are grappling with how to maintain productivity, attract (and retain) top talent, and keep pace with technological advances. 

Join Scott Cawood, CEO of WorldatWork & Author, The New Work Exchange™ as he shares his revolutionary new philosophy about building a workplace that works for everyone and engages in a conversation with top people leaders of the industry about how they are changing the way work is done within their organizations. 

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Why Should You Attend This Session?

This live digital event will have leading industry experts share their insights on how they are redefining work within their organizations to make the workplace work for everyone.

Drive Organizational Change

Put people at the heart of the workplace by creating an environment where “bringing one’s whole authentic self to work” is supported.  

Winning Rewards Strategy

Benefit from the experiences of our speakers to strategically reassess Rewards and Compensation; enable people to function and thrive.

Get Answers

Engage in an interactive Q&A session with our panelists to address your specific queries and find out how to optimize the workplace for high performance.

Developing a new mindset about what work is—individually and organizationally

Who Should Attend This Session?
People Leaders & CHROs

Who are looking to attract, retain & motivate their talent to drive high performance.

Rewards, Compensation & Benefits Professionals

Seeking to learn the industry best practices to address pay equity and pay transparency.

CEOs & Business Owners

Who are looking to build happy and high-performing organization for Positive Workplace Experience.

Meet Our Expert Panelists
Vishpala Reddy

CHRO, Philips India

Scott Cawood

CEO of WorldatWork & Author - The New Work Exchange

Rajita Singh

Chief People Officer – Kyndryl India