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Recent studies show 89% of sales reps leave because of compensation.* With remote work and global competition for talent intensifying, the need for advanced strategies to attract, motivate, and sustain high performance sales teams is a must. And it’s made the need for elite sales compensation professionals essential to help design and manage sales programs that are competitive and sustainable.

Recognized as the world’s compensation standard since 1976, WorldatWork Certified Sales Compensation Professionals gain the in-demand skills to fuel their careers and drive high impact sales compensation programs for their organizations.

And by enrolling in our new Sales Compensation Course Series learners can gain the skills to design, administer, evaluate and manage sales compensation programs and the confidence to communicate that strategy to their organization. The course series encompasses the Body of Knowledge for the Certified Sales Compensation Professional (CSCP®) certification which, combined with in-field experience, shows current and future employers you are committed to operating with high professional standards.

Why Earn a CSCP®?

  • Proven recognition. Global 500 companies rely on WorldatWork certifications to power their employee rewards, engagement, and retention efforts. The CSCP® is backed by our 65+ years of experience in workplace rewards education and research. Learners will also receive a digital credential badge to use on their professional media profile, email signature or company profile page, as well as a printable certificate.
  • Practical, expert content. Our exam content taps the insights and experiences of expert practitioners and experienced consultants.
  • Recertification Credits. The exams listed below can earn credits toward recertifying a prior WorldatWork certification.

Who Should Get a CSCP®?

We recommend that CSCP® candidates have at least two years of experience in sales compensation. The CSCP® examination covers all topic areas addressed in the sales compensation course series Body of Knowledge.

*SiriusDecisions research 

Who Will Benefit from This Series?

This course is for HR professionals preparing for the CSCP® exam and for learners wanting foundational knowledge in the design and management of sales compensation programs.

Course Program

Course 1: Foundations and Core Principles
Master the fundamentals of sales compensation.

  • Become fluent in an array of sales jobs and their rewards and understand the mechanics of compensation plans.
  • Learn techniques to manage, evaluate and improve sales compensation plans.
  • Gain the skills to maintain compensation plans over the long term and ensure their lasting integrity. 

Course 2: Strategy and Design Application
Learn the intricacies of sales compensation design and how all the elements work together for success.

  • Understand how the business environment and market changes affect sales compensation.
  • Discover strategies to align compensation strategies to your organization’s business goals.
  • Develop and discuss plan mechanics and performance measures.  

Course 3: Advanced Implementation and Program Management
Ensure the success and longevity of your sales compensation plans by learning strategies for implementing and managing them over the long term.

  • Learn to apply data and statistical tools to measure competitiveness and plan performance.
  • Keep your organization engaged by delivering strategic communications that support your sales compensation strategies.
  • Create a climate of excellence and accountability by setting governance standards for your sales compensation plans.
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Course Credits

WorldatWork Recertification: 

  • Course — 6 credits


  • Course — 2.6 credits

    HRCI Recertification: 

    • Course — 26.75 classroom hours 

    SHRM Recertification: 

    • Course — 26.75 classroom hours


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