Sales Compensation: Advanced Implementation and Program Management
Keep your sales compensation strategy winning long-term with competitive rewards and impactful updates.

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Keep the sales compensation momentum going – because setting up an effective sales compensation plan is just the beginning. Develop the skills that ensure your rewards keep working hard for your organization and sales teams year after year. This course will take you through the framework and processes for measuring, managing, and maintaining your plan — including knowing whether and when changes are needed, using data to make effective changes, and communicating changes with the sales team and broader organization.

You and your sales compensation team can take this course individually or as part of WorldatWork’s Sales Compensation Course Series, which also includes Foundation and Core Principles and Strategy and Design Application.

Combined with in-field experience, this course is a solid boost to your WorldatWork Certified Sales Compensation Professional (CSCP®) exam preparations.

What You Will Learn

  • Establish stakeholders, responsibilities and deliverables for sales compensation plans.
  • Use data and statistics to evaluate plan competitiveness and performance.
  • Perform root cause analysis and recommend appropriate plan changes.
  • Implement sales compensation communication plans, tools, and documentation.
  • Set governance standards and roles, plan policies and practices to ensure consistent performance. 

Who Will Benefit from This Course?

This course is for learners wanting to build their skills to maintain, manage, and communicate adjustments to the sales compensation plan and HR professionals preparing for the CSCP® exam.

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Course Credits

WorldatWork Recertification:

  • Course — 2 credits


  • Course — 0.9 credits

    HRCI Recertification:

    • Course — 9 classroom hours 

    SHRM Recertification:

    • Course — 9 classroom hours


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