Job Titles & Grades: Creating an Interactive Matrix in Excel
Learn to set up a matrix of job titles and grades in Excel that will save you time for years to come.

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Take this course today and free up your time for years to come by learning to use Excel to set up a nearly maintenance-free, interactive matrix of job titles and grades. In just two hours, you’ll learn to easily convert a list of job titles and grades into an interactive matrix that displays job titles by grade (vertically) and job functions (horizontally) — always with the perfect number of rows for the data. 

Get step-by-step instructions showing how to set up your matrix. Once complete, you can paste your jobs and grades into the Excel file — even straight from your payroll or HRIS system. Click the Macro button and all the linked job grading matrices will be automatically updated with just the right number of rows. 

The result: Multiple views of the data all feeding from one source, with no errors, omissions, or duplications, and almost no maintenance.

Your matrix also can be used to audit job grades, determine where jobs are positioned in each function, and view career paths. Update it easily as new jobs and employees come online.

Who Will Benefit from This Course? 

This course is ideal for compensation professionals seeking to efficiently and accurately manage job matrices.

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Course Requirements

The course requires an intermediate to advanced knowledge of Excel. Participants also should have access to a computer with Excel 2013 or newer.

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