Geographic Pay Strategies
Attract and retain great talent with pay strategies designed for dispersed workforces.

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Learn to design geographic pay strategies that attract and retain dispersed talent while driving organizational success – expertise that is vital in an age when employees can work from anywhere.

This next-level course will show you how to use pay differentials – in conjunction with other pay systems – to rapidly adapt to changing skills and talent demands. You will learn to consider the full economic picture, weighing legal and talent risks against the benefits gained by the organization.

What You Will Learn 

  • Understand the key components of a geographic pay strategy.
  • Discover how to recommend an approach to geographic pay based on common implementation considerations.
  • See how to calculate geographic pay differentials.
  • Understand how to apply geographic pay decisions to pay structures and processes.
  • Understand how to administer and support a geographic pay strategy.

Who Will Benefit from This Course? 

This course is ideal for professionals who are responsible for compensating dispersed employees and who want to build, support and administer a geographic pay strategy grounded in geographic pay differentials.

Participants should already understand the core elements of compensation, including strategy, design, evaluation, and administration.

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  • Course — 2 credits


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    • Course — 2.25 classroom hours 

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