Committing to Pay Equity
Learn strategies for building and strengthening effective organizational pay equity practices.

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Pay equity is vital to supporting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, and effectively instilling it into your culture requires an ongoing organization-wide commitment. 

The process starts with a pay equity analysis then moves into an action plan designed to effect change and establish consistent practices across all departments and divisions. 

Learn to maximize the value of your pay equity analysis and understand the mindset that drives a commitment to long term pay equity through this self-paced course offering real-world case studies and practical scenarios.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn to build on your pay equity analysis in the near- and mid-term and to understand the long-term outcomes.
  • Find out how to spot underlying issues that can affect your pay equity program.
  • Learn how to make your pay equity program transparent, including which metrics to consider sharing internally and externally.
  • Discover best practices for establishing an equitable workplace.

Who Will Benefit from This Course? 

This course is ideal for compensation and HR professionals who are responsible for designing compensation programs and influencing pay equity outcomes in U.S.-based organizations.

Course Requirements 

A prior understanding of how to conduct a pay equity analysis will help you get the most out of this course. If you do not possess this knowledge, consider one of our related courses, listed below.

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Course Credits 

WorldatWork Recertification: 

  • Course — 2 credits


  • Course — 0.2 credits

    HRCI Recertification: 

    • Course — 1.5 classroom hours 

    SHRM Recertification: 

    • Course — 1.5 classroom hours


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