Benefits Outsourcing - Selecting, Contracting and Managing Service Partners
Successfully outsource your benefits administration through partnerships that meet your cost and performance objectives.

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Ready to outsource your benefits? Success starts with selecting the right partner — or combination of partners — and building a productive relationship that meets all your organization’s cost and performance objectives.

Through seven learning modules, this course covers the benefits outsourcing landscape, including program design, contract negotiation, service delivery, analytics and compliance. You’ll learn to set your organization’s objectives in outsourcing arrangements, conduct request for proposal (RFP) and selection processes, and navigate transition and conversion considerations. And you’ll gain the skills to keep these partnerships healthy with management techniques that will return value for employees and efficiencies to your organization.

What You Will Learn 

  • Learn the steps involved in outsourcing an employee benefit.
  • See the characteristics of an RFP and the techniques for managing the process.
  • Hear how to evaluate service provider proposals.
  • Learn the elements that should be included in a provider contract and the reasons for negotiating contracts. 
  • See how to the manage a smooth transition to a provider and maintain an effective service provider relationship.
  • Learn the considerations and options available to you when the contract is completed.

Who Will Benefit from This Course? 

This course is ideal for U.S. HR professionals who seek foundational knowledge in retirement plan design and administration.

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  • Course — 2 credits
  • Exam — 0.5 credits


  • Course — 1.6 credits
  • Exam — 0.9 credits

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    • Course — 16 classroom hours 

    SHRM Recertification: 

    • Course — 16 classroom hours


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